Operations on Graphs, Groupoids, and Operator Algebras

Operations on Graph-Depending Structures

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A bar code based residential construction quality inspection process:

Development and validation

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Novel Gastroretentive Dosage Forms

Design, Characterization, and Applications for Broadening the Therapeutic Potential of Narrow Absorption Window Drugs

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The Silicon Tutor

A History and Critique of Automated Writing Aides

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Struggling to achieve professional recognition:

A case study of nursing in Chile

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Nonlinear pulse dynamics and supercontinuum generation

A comprehensive study based on modified variational principle

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Modelling of Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents constituents

Of Emplaced Source in Virtual Aquifer

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Tax Competition and Harmonization

in Southeast Asia

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The Cardiovascular Consequences of Hyperthyroidism

Cardiac manifestations before, during and after effective antithyroid therapy Amiodarone induced Hyperthyroidism

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