How Authentic is the Language Presented in EFL Textbooks?

A case study of Multi-word Units in National Secondary School EFL textbooks in Egypt

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Intercultural Theatre

Adaptation and Representation

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Gigabit Wireless at 60 GHz

Channel Modelling and Baseband Design

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Caroline Fry: A Practical Theology of the Sacraments

A View of Nineteenth-Century Sacramental Theology in the Church of England

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"Experiencing the Closeness of God"

Mediated Religious Experience and the Role of Authority in the Pentecostal Faith Church in Budapest

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A learning community

Teachers and students engaged in developing their own learning and understanding

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Heroes of Middle-Earth

J. Campbell''s Monomyth in J.R.R. Tolkien''s The Lord of the Rings

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The Nature Of Folk Song In Australia

Origins and Transmission

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Instructed Second Language Learning of English Tense and Aspect

by persian speakers

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Conservation Subdivision Design In Practice

Using Geographic Information Systems to Measure Whether It Lives Up to Its Promise

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