Responses to Food Insecurity

A study on the Utilization of the Local Natural Resources in Aweil West/North, South Sudan

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Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and Domestication

Analysis of the Prospects of Domestication of NTFPs in Developing Countries from Socio-economic Perspectives: Example from the Mid-hills of Nepal

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The Human Rights Implications of the ''Best Loser System'' in Mauritius

Critical Analysis from a Human Rights Lens of a Component of an Electoral System and Prospect of Reform

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Construction of Wavelets and Multiwavelets Basis

A Generalized Method

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The impact of re-useable learning objects in education

Using virtual environments for teaching fire investigation cause and origin determination

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Information Theoretic Approach

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Understanding Psychotherapy for Trauma with Buber''s I-Thou philosophy

A qualitative investigation into the application of Martin Buber''s philosophy to the experience of Trauma and its psychotherapeutic intervention

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Transnational Entrepreneurship through Identity

The dynamics of religion and culture and socio-economic and remittance patterns among Ghanaian women in South Africa

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