Globalizing Governance in a Multi-Stakeholder World

The Global Prince, Merchant and Citizen

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Safico Expansion To Dubai

International Marketing and Sales strategies

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An Allegory of Colonialism

An Allegory of Colonialism

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Education Partnerships

Professional Development for Tourism and Hospitality Employees

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Enhanced NMS Tool Architecture

for Discovery and Monitoring of Nodes

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Trends in Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in North America (1997-2006)

Examining Atmospheric Chemistry and Regulatory Policy

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Enabling Digital Options via ERP Implementation

A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

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Constitutionality of Contempt of Court - Media freedom of speech

The Constitutional Challenge of the Common Law Crime of Contempt of Court-The media, freedom of speech and expression

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Adaptation to chronic illness

The use of perceived control strategies over difficulties related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Intuition and Decision-Making – A New Way of Thinking

Identifying Intuition In the Decision-Making Process: A Phenomenological Research Study

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