Providing Fault Tolerance in Interconnection Networks for PC Clusters

Efficient Mechanisms

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Comparison of Permeability in Constant Head and Falling Head Method

Comparison of Permeability in Constant Head and Falling Head Method and Establishment of Empirical Relationship between them

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Quaternary Reactivation of North Almora Thrust

Implication to Neotectonic Rejuvenation, Lesser Himalaya, Uttaranchal

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Modeling in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Collection of papers from Prof. Nguyen-Dang Hung''s former students

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Radio Wave Propagation Modelling using Finite Element Method

Novel approaches to model radio wave propagation and solve complex models efficiently using finite element analysis

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Women in the Society

Women participation in education leadership in Kenya Municipal Primary Schools

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Geometric Modeling Methods using Point Cloud Data

Computing Techniques for Recognition and Fitting of Free-form Curves and Surfaces

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Coping, Support and the Impact of Work-related Violence

on UK Police Personnel

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through Structured Analysis

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