Sympathetic Observations

Widowhood, Spectatorship, and Sympathy in the Fiction of Henry James

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Liberation beyond Borders

Dalit Feminist Hermeneutics and Four Gospel Women

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Black Press Coverage of The Emmett Till Lynching

A Catalyst to The Civil Rights Movement

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Using Real Options to value the impact of climate change

A case study of Sappi, a South African pulp and paper company

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Ascending the Ladder

The Spiritual Stages of Development in the Works of Jalaludin Rumi

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Indonesia and Australia Relations

A Study on Cross-cultural Negotiations

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Music, language and discourse in education

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Collaborative Inquiry

A Professional Development Tool for Principals of Urban, Low-Performing Schools

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Electrocatalysis induced by surface activities on metal oxide anodes

Study of the charging/discharging process, the oxygen evolution and the oxidation of organics on IrO2-based electrodes

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Assessing Risk in the Juvenile Justice System

An Evaluation of Humboldt County''s Juvenile Detention Risk Assessment Tool

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