The Swiss Model

Can the Swiss Model of Confederation Be Applied in Afghanistan?

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Psychopathology, problem behaviour and burden in schizophrenia

Relationship between psychopathology and problem behaviour of schizophrenic patients and burden experienced by primary caregivers

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Participatory Approaches

Experiences and perceptions in Petén, Guatemala

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Sorting with Objectives

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Industrial Optimization

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Who are Our Ancestors?

"Race", Science, and Politics in Bulgaria 1879-1912

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Way Of Designing Inhibitor

Dr. Guruprasad B.R., Mr.Sunil Kumar C., Dr. Anand Krishna Tiwari - ISBN: 978-3-8383-9248-6

Geriatric Considerations In Prosthetic Dentistry

Dental Prosthetics For The Elderly

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A Statistical Investigation of Money Demand and inflation in Pakistan

Model for money demand and inflation for Pakistan

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Electronics Waste Management: An India Perspective

A holistic and cost-effective solution to the electronics waste management

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Monitoring of pesticide residues in lamb and buffalo meat

Its impact on human population

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