The Bush Doctrine:

Threat to the Conduct of International Relations Based on Rule of International Law and Institutions

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Genotoxicity assessment and microbiological characteristics of soil

Genotoxicity assessment and microbiological characteristics of agricultural soil irrigated with wastewater

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The Benefit of Adaptive Technology in the Elementary Classroom:

Computer Technology, It''s Elementary Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

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The accessibility of HIV/AIDS related health information to people living with HIV/AIDS in Khomas region (Windhoek)

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Domesticating Wildness

The Role of Map Technology and Adventurous Winter Sport in the Interaction with Wild Nature

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Protein Production in Terms of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology

Analysis of Factors Controlling Protein Production in Terms of Plant Nutritional Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology

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A Multi-Agent Web Based Simulation Model

Evaluating Container Terminal Management

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Analysis of composite structure of vaulting pole

Analysis of vaulting pole using Finite Element Method and experimental tests

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Male Attitude toward domestic violence

A case study in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, Osun State

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Colorability of P5-free Graphs

4-colorability belongs P for P5-free graphs with a dominating K4

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