Patterns of vector abundance and malaria transmission in Mali

Remote sensing of anophelines in rice-cropping villages

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The gas hydrate stability zone of the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

Geophysical interpretation of the Canterbury slope to identify links between gas hydrate occurrences and slope stability

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Domestic Violence and Child Health Outcomes in Zimbabwe

An examination of the association between domestic violence and selected negative child health outcomes in Zimbabwe

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Properties of nuclear matter and implication for astrophysical systems

Study the dense nuclear matter properties using field theoretical chiral sigm model and application to some astrophysical systems such as neutro stars

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Theory and Applications of Consumer Search Models

Analyses of Advertising, Price Controls, and Health Plan Choice

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Remote Sensing Satellite Images for Vegetation Mapping

Multi-resolution Imagery and Object-oriented Techniques for Vegetation Mapping of Urban Areas

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Aid Effectiveness, Policy, and Reform

Theory and Empirics

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Quality of vision in premature children in schoolage

Visual acuity, Contrast sensitivity, Refraction, Strabismus

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Exploring the catarrh experience

A study into beliefs and expectations amongst chronic catarrh sufferers

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Multiprocessor Performance Analysis

Ensuring Guaranteed Throughput of Dynamic Multimedia Streaming Applications

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