The Constructions of Fay Weldon

Woman of Letters

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Free Calculus on Operator Algebras

Operator Algebraic Calculus Induced by Certain Operators

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Community Struggles for Land in Jakarta

A case study of kampung community struggles to obtain security of tenure

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MySpace: A Place For Friends?

A Study of Friendship on MySpace

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Belongingness and its Importance when Coping with Change in Isolation

The Relevance of the Senses of People, Place and Psyche Leading to Grace when Experiencing Change in Isolation

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Síntesis de aminoalcoholes

Nuevos métodos enantioselectiovos a partir de epóxidos insaturados

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Measuring the International Fragmentation of Production

The Portuguese Case

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Human Localisation in Built Environments

Intelligent systems based RF

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Thinking, Nursing, Building

What Nurses in Three Australian Psychogeriatric Assessment Units Say about the Built Environment

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Genetic and genomic study of Ostrinia nubilalis

Tools for the study of population dynamics and traits conferring resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) crystalline toxins

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