Earnings Management during a financial crisis

The effect of the current financial crisis on earnings management in the European Union

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The Responsibility of a Catholic Bishop in a Diocese

The Administration in the Catholic Church

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Framing Breaking News: The Mumbai Terror Attacks of 2008

A comparative content analysis of the coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks by the Indian and British press

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Три «И» в развитии региональной жилищной системы

инновации, инвестиции, институты

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Portraying the Gendered Life and Sexuality of Indonesian Teenagers

Precision Journalism on Gender and Sexuality

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Summer groundnut in relation to N nutrition to transplanted Rice

Summer groundnut for N nutrition of Rice

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Exploratory Survey with an Objective to Establish Hematological Values and Karyotyping in Indigenous (Achhami) Cattle

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Accelerating Recursive Queries in Federated Database Systems

Small-World Networks Based Approach

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Post-Earnings Announcement Drift

Analyst Coverage and the Profitability of Earnings Momentum Strategies

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