Progressively Type II Censored Order Statistics and Characterizations

for Some Special Distributions

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ESP course book for adult learners:

design and application

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Use of Clean Chemical Technologies in the Synthesis of Drug Molecules

Supported Palladium Catalysts, Microwave reactors and Clean Synthetic Routes for the Synthesis of Drug Molecules

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Enhancing Team Performance

The role of music, group mood, and interpersonal coordination

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Affordable Middle-Income Housing in The Kenyan Property Market

Truth or Fallacy?

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Implications of Incomplete Factor Markets on Tobacco Contract Farming

A case study of Mashonaland Central Province (Zimbabwe)

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Effect of simulated acid rain on plants

Effect of simulated acid rain on growth performance of Wheat and Oat plants

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Planning Issues in Multicultural Urban Communities

A comparative study of cultural spatial influences in Eastleigh North

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Service provisioning in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

A SIP-servlet based approach

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Молодёжная политика в ситуации постмодерна

Модели, механизмы, риски

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