Electoral Revolutions and Their Socioeconomic Impact

Democratization and Socioeconomic Development in Bulgaria and Slovakia

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The Saga of Vanadís, Völva and Valkyrja

Images of the Divine from the Memory of an Islandic Woman

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Key Success Factors in Internet Advertising

The role of Online User Activity and Social Context

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The conservation value of cleaning oiled African Penguins

A study of the impact of oil pollution on the African Penguin, and the conservation value of de-oiling contaminated birds

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Mergers in Higher Education - A South African Perspective

Merger versus Change management

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Tales of Two Cities: How Race and Crime Intersect on Local TV News

In New Orleans and Indianapolis

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Alternatives for Pollution Reduction in Residential Developments

An Economic Analysis

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Masculinity and Violence

Testing an Integrated Model

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Characterization of Human Cell Lines with Different Radiosensitivities

The Generation of a Model System for Distinguishing the Genetic Factors involved in Radiation Resistance

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Quasiconvex Programming and its Applications

Quasiconvex Maximization Problem Quasiconvex Minimization Problem Nonconvex Optimal control Problem Applications

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