Linguistics Issues in English-Arabic Translation

Subtitle: A Discourse Analysis of BBC News Texs

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LEO to GEO transfers via L1 libration point in the RTBP

Application to the Sun-Earth and Earth-Moon problem

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Stories from the Inside

A narrative analysis investigating the professioanl lives of three Neew Zealand secondary school Heads of Department

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Elastico-Viscous Fluid Flows

Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows of Second Order Type

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System Level Design

A Holistic Approach

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Ground Water Recharge

Use of Surface Drains

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Organ Transplant in Islamic Perspectives

The Case of Kidney Transplant

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Wind Energy for Power Generation

Dynamic and Transient Analyses of Wind Parks Equipped with FACTS Devices and Variable Speed Wind Turbines Control Strategies

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Multimodal Interventions For Premorbid and Comorbid Shame

An Experiential Phenomenological Analysis

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Taking a prophylactic guard against Paratuberculosis

An attempt to use a novel gene as a vaccine candidate

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