The Chinese Way TQM

Total Quality Management: The Rising of China, One Belt One Road, Made in China vs. Industry 4.0

Sheng-Pin Kuan - ISBN: 978-613-7-45772-6

Нафтогазова система Дніпровсько-Донецької западини.

Книга 1. Південна прибортова зона.

Іван Олексійович Карпенко - ISBN: 978-613-7-42885-6

Арфа в Сибири

история и современность

Надежда Николаевна Покровская - ISBN: 978-613-8-26889-5

Effect of Mixed convective parameter on flow and heat transfer over a linear stretching sheet

in a Biomagetic fluid with magnetization

Ferdows Mohammad et al. - ISBN: 978-613-8-06524-1

Parasitods de Diptera collected in Brazil

Carlos Henrique Marchiori - ISBN: 978-613-8-22980-3

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

the disease is tangible - the reactivity is physiological

Tamara Tuuminen, Erkki Antila - ISBN: 978-613-7-34824-6