Classical q-Numbers: A Study of the Case q = -1

Algebraic and Combinatorial Approaches

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Are fine root and leaf lifespans correlated?

Annual patterns of root production

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Personalised Learning in a Web 2.0 Environment

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Complement Regulatory Proteins in Breast Cancer

Expression of Complement Regulatory Proteins CD59, CD55, CD46 and MHC Class I Molecules on Breast Carcinomas

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The Evolution of Cooperation

Insights from Experimental Populations of Pseudomonas

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Aural Training by Distance for Tertiary Music Students

Evaluation of a Prototype

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Graft compatibility in Prunus avium L.

Quantification of compatibility/incompatibility in scion/rootstock graft union

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Certain Uncertainties

Contemporary Physics and Postmodernist Literature

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Management of Customers'' Communication Behaviors

Effects of Satisfaction, Organizational Reputation, and Identification with Company

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Recruitment and Diversification of Higher Education Faculty

Knight v. Alabama''s impact on faculty hiring in Alabama’s public universities and faculty recruitment best practices

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