The Nature Of Folk Song In Australia

Origins and Transmission

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Instructed Second Language Learning of English Tense and Aspect

by persian speakers

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Conservation Subdivision Design In Practice

Using Geographic Information Systems to Measure Whether It Lives Up to Its Promise

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Yakumo: A Physics-based Game with Physical Input

Implementing a simple game using OGRE 3D graphics, Havok Physics, and iPhone accelerometer control over Wi-Fi

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Gaining Insights Beyond Time and Error

A Cognitive Approach to the Evaluation of Graph Visualizations

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A Solution for Issues in Departments of Electrical Education in Technical Education Faculties in Universities in Turkey

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The intonation of Glasgow English statements and yes/no questions

A phonological characterization

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Natural Language Processing Tools

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Age-adjusted cancer therapy based on the reduced malignancy in the old

Age-adjusted anti-tumoral therapy based on the mechanisms of the reduced tumor progression in the aged

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Achieving Good Governance with an Effective Anti-Corruption Actions

The Case of Azerbaijan

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