Meta-CLI Configuration Model for Network Device Management

A bottom-up approach for high-level, automated network and service configuration

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Document Image Analysis

Computer Analysis of Composite Documents with Non-Uniform Background

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Physical Model Reduction

A Bond Graph Approach for Engineering Systems

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Determinants of Repatriation Adjustment

Malaysian Case

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MEKC-MS and biological matrices

Micellar electrokinetic chromatography in the analysis of iridoid glycosides in Melitaea cinxia and its host plants

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Success Factors in Information Systems Outsourcing

Road from Initial Failure to Ultimate Success

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What needs to be done to develop local food markets in Tanzania?

Policy recommendations for the Kinondoni Municipal Council, Kinondoni district, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

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Lending your woman for a dance and your horse for a bullfight

Nicaraguan men's involvement in sexual and reproductive health promotion

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The European Union: Is a Common Foreign Policy Possible?

The Challenge of Building a Common Foreign Policy for Europe

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Analysis of Supersonic Flow over Axi-Symmetric Body Using CFD

A Comparison of One and Two Equation Turbulence Models

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