Crime and School Violence in Botswana Secondary Schools: Moeding Case

Crime, School Violence, Botswana Situation

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The health that workers want

A case study of employee health in the tertiary education industry that has application to other knowledge workers

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School Development Planning

The role of the school head

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Prioritization of Potential Alternatives Truck Management Strategies

Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process

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Developing Contextualized ICT Education

Case Tumaini University, Tanzania

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Why dolphins cooperate?

Coordinated cooperation of the bottlenose dolphin from an integrated social-economic perspective

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Reinforcement Learning, Logic and Evolutionary Computation

A Learning Classifier System Approach to Relational Reinforcement Learning

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Extreme Right-wing Parties and Democracy

The Effects of Extreme Right-wing Parties on the Politics of Consolidated Democracies

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Stochastic Dynamic Stiffness Matrix Method

Vibration Analysis of Structures Built up of Curved and Straight Beams

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Political Liberalism and Its Internal Critiques:

Feminist Theory, Communitarianism, and Republicanism

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