Indonesia and Australia Relations

A Study on Cross-cultural Negotiations

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Music, language and discourse in education

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Collaborative Inquiry

A Professional Development Tool for Principals of Urban, Low-Performing Schools

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Electrocatalysis induced by surface activities on metal oxide anodes

Study of the charging/discharging process, the oxygen evolution and the oxidation of organics on IrO2-based electrodes

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Assessing Risk in the Juvenile Justice System

An Evaluation of Humboldt County''s Juvenile Detention Risk Assessment Tool

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Dillman's Quadron

A collection of short stories

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A Reliable Study of Software Reputation Based on User Experience

Design a Reliable Software Reputation System with Several ProposedMethods

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The Organisational Form of Australian Engineering Design Companies

The impact of Human Resource Practices on Company Performance

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Measurements and Predictions of ClO4- in NaOCl and Drinking Water

Kinetics of ClO4- Formation and Effects of Associated Contaminants

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