Radio Resource Management in WiMAX

RF Planning in WiMAX

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Web Page Design: Developing Cognition

Constructivist Approaches to Technology and Literacy Education in the 21st Century

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Planning for outdoor recreation as one means of urban revitalization

Case study of the core area of City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise - benefits and drawbacks

CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise - benefits and drawbacks

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The Path to Partnership

Assessing a New Model of University-Community Partnership

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Investigación de secciones permeables de firmes para vías urbanas.

Análisis de la capacidad de infiltración y de la funcionalidad de firmes permeables de adoquines y mezcla bituminosa porosa.

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China''s Proletarian Myth

The Revolutionary Narrative and Model Theatre of the Cultural Revolution

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Among Cultures:

Acculturation Experience of First Generation Muslim Immigrant Women in a Canadian Prairie City

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Catalytic Carbon Deposition on 3D Carbon Fibre Supports

Nickel Catalysed Deposition of Nanostructured Carbons for the Formation of C-C Composites

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A Validation Study of Standardized Elementary Science Test Scores

Scores of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus

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