Immigration and Outsourcing

Theory and Evidence

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Managing Customer Expectations

Understanding the Influence of Customer Demographic Characteristics and Personality

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Minimizers for a One-Dimensional Elasticity Problem

Existence and Regularity Results without Convexity Assumptions

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Iconic Gesture Use in Preschool Children

the effects of referent familiarity, gender and cueing

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The reality of pharmaceutical care-based medication therapy management

Patients'', pharmacists'' and students'' perspectives

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Healing the Wounds of War

Towards a Strategy to Reintegrate Child Soldiers

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A performer''s guide to Bartok''s Ten Easy Pieces and Allegro Barbaro

Hungarian Folk Music influences in Bartok''s piano works, and a study of the "sound world" of Bartok in regard to performance

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What Is Feminism?

A Short Introduction to Main Problems in American Women''s History

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NGO Activism in Calcutta 1973-1997. Exploring Unnayan

The inner life of an Indian NGO

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No Deaf Child Left Behind

An Analytic History of Trends and Discourse in the Development of a Standards-Based Deaf Studies Curriculum

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