Determinants of Job Satisfaction

Meaning, Importance and Implications

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Some Problems in Elastic plastic and Creep in Mechanical Engineering

elastic plastic and Creep Transition Stresses

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Administration of Justice in African Customary Law versus Christianity

Crime, Punishment and Justice

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Adaptive OFDMA Frame Structure in Mobile Multi-hop Relay Networks

Adaptive Frame Structure and OFDMA Resource Allocation in Mobile Multi-hop Relay Networks

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Conservancy-edge Communities, Wildlife and Rural Livelihoods

The Underlying Causes and Dynamics of Illegal Hunting in Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe

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Implementation and Comprehensive Study of Distributed Systems in GIPSY

Toward having the combination of two paradigms of Message-Oriented Middleware and Event-Driven Architecture to handle demand-driven computation

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CME: Motivation and Practice Change

CME for Pathologists: Linking Committment to Change Statements and Reasons for Participation to Practice Change

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Traditional Healers and Mental Health Problems in Uganda

Traditional healers'' Concepts and Management

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