Passive cooling of buildings by night-time ventilation

Climatic potential Impact of climate warming Parametric simulation studies Experimental investigation

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Broadband Source for Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering

Theory and Construction

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Airline Pilots'' Perceptions of Advanced Flight Deck Automation

Aviation Human Factors Analysis

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Teachers’ Perceptions of Standards

Kindergarten Teachers'' Perceptions of the Indiana Professional Standards Board''s Early Childhood Teacher Standards

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Carbohydrate recognition in water

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Univariate Time Series Modelling and Forecasting using TSMARS

A study of threshold time series autoregressive, seasonal and moving average models using TSMARS

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HIMAN: A Pure Peer-to-Peer Computational Grid Framework

Providing Grid Computing to the Public

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The Social Character of European Union

Flexible Work Arrangements

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Controlling phase formation by a combination of entropy of mixing and reactive deposition

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