Radar Remote Sensing of Ocean Surface Currents and Waves

Nearshore Applications

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Perceived occupational stress amongst female nurses

Working in a general hospital

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Process Design and Control by Nonlinear Analysis

Applications to Reactor-Separator-Recycle Systems

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A Comparative Analysis of EU and ASEAN

Adler-Barnett Security Community Development Model

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Internationalization of Spanish firms in China

An analysis from a strategic human resource perspective

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An assessment of the use of warehousing space to support the IDZ''s

Strategy,Warehousing and IDZ''s

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Capital Markets and Financial Assets

Decisions on Acquisition and Issuance of Securities

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Using Macrobenthos as a Tool in Ecological Impact Assessment

Applications in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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Addressing the Needs of Informal Carers

The Impact of Caring For a Loved One and The Availability of Support Systems

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STUDENT RESILIENCY: The Role of Elementary Schools

The Role of Elementary Schools

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