Texture Recognition using Complex Wavelets

A comprehensive appproach towards simple and complex wavelets

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Electrospun Nanofibres

Morphology, Property and Wound Dressing Application

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Biosensor for androgens

Sample matrix effect: screen printed and carbon fibre electrode

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Health care quality initiatives in Ghana

a case study of two district hospitals in Ghana

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The Politics of Local Elite

Manipulating Links between the State and the Local Community in Eastern Indonesia

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Exfoliative cytology for diagnosis of oral pathological lesions

Simple, easy, outpatient department technique to early diagnosis of oral cancer or precancerous lesions

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Oral Health among Preadolescents: A School-Based Intervention in Iran

Concepts, Models, Determinants, Promotion

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Effective properties of multi-scale fracture networks

Hierarchical Modeling of Fractures for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

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