Public Opinion and Democracy at the Border of the European Union

Public Opinion and Democracy at the Border of the European Union

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-05-10 )

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The idea of public opinion analysis is a major challenge for any democratic social environment. Therefore, it's important to capture the specific aspects of a social system, which can help to develop the most appropriate and effective strategies for improving social problems and for developing community bodies toward the future better worlds. Here are some of the topics that make up the basic structure of the book: interpreting public opinion as a psychosocial phenomenon; the role of mass media in shaping public opinion; public opinion, politics and democracy in Romanian society; public opinion and society development - corruption and lack of trust; civic sense, public opinion and characteristics of the habitation in Romania. The analysis of public opinion occurrence allows us to draw some strong conclusions about the role that this phenomenon has in maintaining social structures. A strong society is characterized by powerful social structures and sustainable collective values. If public opinion has the power to influence the evolution of human communities, social cohesion is high and the social environment is stable.

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Dragos Darabaneanu

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