Optimal Electricity Management to Combat COVID-19 & Climate Attack

Optimal Electricity Management to Combat COVID-19 & Climate Attack

Addressing the long run consequences of COVID-19 & climate agressiveness by Optimal Management of Electricity

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-05-11 )

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While Benin, like many African countries, has always suffered from huge gap between electricity supply and demand, the violent shock of COVID-19 combined with climate attacks generate management decrepit electricity supply and demand. It should be noted that the weakness of countries and continental electricity production is explained, among other things, by years of lack of substantial investment in the sector and by the non-integration of the climate change factor into the demand management policies. The result at the end of the race is appalling. Insufficient electricity production at a cost not at all affordable for the overwhelming majority. This situation is at the root of deep inequalities that affect women, young people, vulnerable communities, the disabled, etc. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach optimal energy access linked with sustainable solutions inducting strong economic growth and erasing inequalities. Thus, optimal management of electricity supply and demand can play a pivotal and catalytic role in reducing negative impacts of COVID 19 contributing inequalities exacerbation. The current work provides a new approach inspiring innovation and decision-making.

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Isidore Agbokou

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Heating,- energy- and power station technology