Multi Interaction Oriented Physics Learning Model (Pifmi Model)

Multi Interaction Oriented Physics Learning Model (Pifmi Model)

In Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Republic Of Indonesia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-05-03 )

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The teacher's job is to be a facilitator and mediator for the occurrence of learning with an emphasis on multi-interaction. In anticipating and dealing with learning that takes place effectively, optimally, and challenges students, teachers must be good at making stages of learning activities that allow students to be actively involved through various forms of interaction (multi-interaction) by utilizing various existing technologies. Often teachers in carrying out learning only use one- and/or two-way interactions so that a sense of learning saturation arises in students. This Model Book is present as an alternative in improving the quality of learning and overcoming learning problems. In this model book, it is explained about the theory supporting model development, the concept of multi-interaction learning and reasoning, the components of the PIFMI Model (such as syntax, reaction principles, social systems, support systems, and instructional impacts and accompaniment impacts), model implementation instructions, and learning tools used to implement the PIFMI Model in the classroom.

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Prof. Dr. Dian Damayanti
Dr. Drs. Perdy Karuru

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Political science and political education