Managing the Urban Environment - Bangkok, Thailand

Managing the Urban Environment - Bangkok, Thailand

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-01-19 )

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This volume is the 8th in a series of books that focus on the practice of Urban Environmental Management (UEM) in developing countries. Such cities face more immediate problems than those in the developed world and have fewer resources to deal with them. This study is the report of a graduate studio that took place at the School of Planning, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, USA from August through December 2021. The objective of the studio was to prepare students to work overseas in data-poor environments as professional consulting planners. The 17 domestic and international students operated in sector-level teams preparing a 5-Year Environmental Plan for Bangkok, Thailand. This amazing city is one of the largest and most important urban centers in Southeast Asia. A tourist mecca and regional headquarters of many international organizations and agencies, this fast growing metropolitan area of 17 million is plagued by concentrations of poverty and serious environmental problems of poor air quality, transportation congestion, water pollution, and inadequate sewage and sanitation infrastructure among them

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City-, area- and landscape planning