The crux of the education matter- Part 2

The crux of the education matter- Part 2

A collection of speeches by Hon. Prof. D. R. Namwandi from his time in Public Office (2011 to 2012)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-19 )

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In part 2 of the collection of speeches, Prof. David R. Namwandi highlights issues which are at the very core of Public Education. In the first few speeches, the importance of Public Private Partnerships in Education is captured in various activities such as book and cash donations, laboratory and specialised equipment donations to schools by financial institutions as well as other private entities. This, the author emphasizes is the key to meeting government objectives in education.Further into the book, the author addresses the challenges faced by public schools in an open and frank manner. He discusses issues such as the mismatch between funds allocation and the outcomes which fall beyond expectation. He engages school managers in an effort to understand and address these shortcomings and challenges.Several speeches are dedicated to honoring and celebrating achievers during ceremonies such as prize and award giving ceremonies as well as graduations ceremonies.In an easy style, the author provides his readers with a brilliant opportunity to understand education in Namibia and beyond.

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Hon. Prof David Richard Namwandi

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