The crux of the education matter - Part 1

The crux of the education matter - Part 1

A collection of speeches by Hon. Prof. D. R. Namwandi from his time in Public Office (2002 to 2011)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-19 )

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The author has compiled a collection of speeches that give the reader a broad understanding of education in Namibia, from both a Private and Public perspective.Part 1 is mainly dedicated to the International University of Management (IUM), the first private university in Namibia; topics cover its launch, the formative years, academic achievements as well as challenges faced along the way. What comes out clearly is its resilience as a trailblazer. The speeches paint a kaleidoscope of activities that leave the reader feeling like they are a part of this great vision.The rest of the speeches in Part 1 turn their focus to public education. Through his speeches the reader is given a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of education in Namibia. Issues of quality control, service delivery, efficiency, inputs at government level and outcomes are addressed in an open and sincere manner.No doubt, Prof. Namwandi`s passion for education will rub off on the reader by the time, they turn the last page of this book.

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Hon. Prof David Richard Namwandi

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