Strategy for achieving thermal comfort

Strategy for achieving thermal comfort

Energy efficient slum dwellings

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-19 )

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Developing countries like India are currently experiencing a rapid increase in population growth due to urbanization. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation reported a huge housing shortage for socially deprived communities. Global statistics reveal that buildings account for around 40 % of energy consumption and in turn, are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, there is a need to develop slum-dwelling units that use principles of sustainability and national standards. Slum rehabilitation authority (SRA) classified the houses based on the condition as temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. According to the report by the cooperative housing foundation, for slum redevelopment projects there is a need to create citywide strategies which can be achieved by the collective effort of the government and people.The present book shall brief the strategy for controlling the indoor temperature along with cost-effective solutions for slum dwellers. The book chapters shall discuss various aspects of slum housing construction like optimal planning concept, deciding suitable walling material, roof treatment from local materials, etc.

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Rahul Ralegaonkar
Vishakha Sakhare

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Building and environmental technology