Impact of macroeconomic and banking factors on the level of NPLs

Impact of macroeconomic and banking factors on the level of NPLs

in the banking sector in Kosovo 2007-2019

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-09-15 )

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According to studies conducted on non-performing loans, various analysts have tried to correlate the level of non-performing loans directly to two categories of factors: (1) macroeconomic factors and (2) banking or banking specific factors.Consequences in the banking industry as a result of non-performing loans may be large if no preventive steps are taken. Non-performing loans negatively affect the performance and stability of the banking industry, increasing provisioning, lending, and in more severe cases may result in a financial institution in an insolvent condition. The banking industry in Kosovo has also been very careful in terms of managing credit portfolio quality, so the rates of these loans are very low, which has made confidence in this sector to be even higher.The research will address the problem of PCIs through the econometric model, where the macroeconomic factors that are addressed in the research are: GDP, inflation, unemployment rate, and interest rate, while banking factors are ROEA, ROAA, and CAR. The research covers the period 2007-2019. The research results showed that inflation and interest rates have an impact on the JCEs in the banking sector in Kosovo.

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