2017 Turkish World Socio Economic Strategies

2017 Turkish World Socio Economic Strategies

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-11-15 )

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The economy has been enhanced by different organizations and tools day by day. Moreover, with the effect of globalization it has gained greater dimensions. Both developed and developing countries can be affected if any economic incidents happens somewhere in the world. In today's competitive world, any country can manipulate its competitors by setting right economic strategies. Thus, in order to be a global power, countries do not need weapons anymore, unless they have right economic strategies and activities. Turkey and all the other countries in the world have been surrounded by economic networks such as banks, insurance companies, leasing and factoring organizations and other financial organizations. These affiliated institutions' assets and trading volume realized in both public and private sectors have dominated growing economic system financially. Today, interdisciplinary studies have gained momentum since they bring all different academic fields of studies together. In this framework, this book gathers a number of articles, which were written by academicians from different 37 universities, hoping to bring some new ideas to the field and contribute to literature.

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Alparslan Ugur
Kenan Tozak
Ayhan Yatbaz

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General Social sciences