Tribal Ethnobotany

Tribal Ethnobotany

Ethnobotanical studies on Korku and Pawra tribes of Satpura regions of Maharashtra with the aid of Pharmacognosy

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-12-09 )

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This book highlights the new approaches in Ethnobotany with the aid of Pharmacognosy. The book reports exhaustive studes on Korku and Pawra tribes of Satpura hills of Maharashtra, India. It includes information on 505 medicinal plants. About 249 prescriptions on 198 species for medicine which are found to be less known or unknown are presented in the book. In addition 80 plants are reported as an addition to the local flora, Flora of Nandurbar and 08 plants to the Flora of Melghat. Investigations were also carried out on the phytochemical screening of five plant species. Few plant species were screened for therapeutically active chemical compound ‘L-dopa' and five plants were investigated for their antimicrobial activity. Book also highlights the efforts towards conservation of threatened medicinal plants. It includes some rare plants reported after several years, some new records at state as well country level and a novel plant species. In summary, the book as most of the readers will find, is simple and student-friendly which would benefit the students and researchers in the field of Ethnobotany, Pharmacognosy and drug development.

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Suresh Jagtap
Subhash Deokule

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