Interactive Elastic Two-Layer Soft Body Simulation with OpenGL

Interactive Elastic Two-Layer Soft Body Simulation with OpenGL

Design and Development of an OpenGL-based Framework for Dynamic Deformation of Uniform Elastic Two-Layer Objects

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-26 )

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This work presents a 2-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time simulation based on physics modeling. It describes the elastic object procedural modeling algorithm with particle system from the simplest 1D object, to more complex 2D and 3D objects. The 2-layered elastic object consists of inner and outer mass spring surfaces and compressible internal pressure. The density of the inner layer can be different from the outer layer; the motion of the inner layer can be opposite to the motion of the outer layer. These special features, which cannot be achieved by a single layered object, result in improved imitation of a soft body, such as tissue''s liquidity non-uniform deformation. The construction of the 2-layered elastic object is closer to the real tissue''s physical structure. The inertial behavior of the elastic object is well illustrated in environments with gravity and collisions with the environment. The collision detection is defined by the collision penalty method and the motion of the object is guided by the Ordinary Differential Equation computation. Users can interact with the modeled objects, deform them, and observe the response to their action in real-time.

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