Learning Style and Strategy Choices of Armenian University Learners

Learning Style and Strategy Choices of Armenian University Learners

Results of a Statistical Study Conducted in Five Major Universities in Armenia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-23 )

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Learning styles and language learning strategies are crucial in ensuring success in language learning. The identification and addressing of these factors will lead to the selection of appropriate instructional approaches and materials to enhance students' learning.This thesis presents the results of a research study conducted in five major universities in Armenia. The study sought to identify the overall learning style or styles of Armenian learners and investigate the relationship between the students’ learning style preferences and language learning strategy use. The results of the study revealed that there was a direct and statistically significant relationship between learners' ethnicity and learning styles. Three out of the eleven learning styles identified by Oxford(1993), namely global, closure-oriented, and extroverted were shared by the majority of Armenian university learners. The study also showed that each learning style had a particular pattern of strategy use. For teachers it is important to understand and respond to students’ learning choices. By consciously accommodating their students’ preferences, teachers can encourage students to become better language learners.

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Hranush Ginosyan
Shoghik Sargsyan

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