Czechs in America

Czechs in America

The Maintenance of Czech Identity in Contemporary America

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-19 )

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Czech people were one of the immigrant groups which have made life in America possible. Many Czechs wholly assimilated to American society, but many maintained some degree of Czech identity. The main aim of this book is to determine to what extent Czech Americans maintain a Czech identity in contemporary America. A research study was conducted in order to discover the state of preservation of Czech culture in the United States. The book first gives a history of Czech immigration to America. It also introduces famous American personalities of Czech descent and describes social and cultural institutions of Czech Americans. The last part of the historical background concentrates on the importance of their origin, preservation of Czech language and customs, and relationship of Czech Americans to the Czech Republic. In its final part, the findings of the research study are presented. Anyone interested in the state of ethnic elements in American society of today should find the reading of this book appealing. Despite the fact that the research was aimed at the Czech-American community, it shows tendencies which in many aspects do not differ from other ethnic groups in the USA.

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David Bíróczi

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