Women''s Empowerment in the 19th century

Women''s Empowerment in the 19th century

Female Missionaries at Work in British West Africa

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-18 )

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There is an increasing acceptance that women''s contribution to history has not been adequately acknowledged. This book looks at the largely unrecognised work of missionary women in British West Africa in the 19th century. Missionary work was one of the few areas in this period which women could appropriate, both at home, in supporting the missionary societies, and overseas. This book sets out to show how essential women were to the missionary effort. At home they were able to control and run large organisations with considerable resources. Overseas women were able to develop an independent role, whilst providing essential help in supporting their husbands. Often they stayed on as widows where they were able to estend their role beyond anything they could ahve achieved at home. Towards the end of the nineteenth century single female missionaries were attracted in increasing numbers to West Africa, adding a further dimension to what women could achieve. This book should be of particular to those involved in women''s studies and to those interested in extending their knowledge of nineteenth century social history

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Clive Jolliffe

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