Testing of Aspect Oriented Programs

Testing of Aspect Oriented Programs

Testing Aspect Oriented Programs as Object Oriented Ones

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-18 )

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Testing AOPs by decompiling them to OOPs gives very good results about the applicability of object oriented testing methods over the resultant code. The usage of the reviewed method indicates that it is a feasible and effective method, and that by applying it, it is possible to overcome the main problems in the AOP testing process. The most important thing is that it gives the advantage that by using it, it is not needed to consider the new features introduced by the aspect oriented paradigm. The decompiled code is simple Java source code which can be tested with well-known OOP testing techniques, which have proved their correctness in the long time that they have been used. In this way there have been overcome the imperfections, introduced by the special testing methods for AOPs and there has been shown a proof for reaching the wished correctness in the testing results.

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Konstantina Georgieva

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