Violin Teaching for Young Beginners in Myanmar

Violin Teaching for Young Beginners in Myanmar

The Violin Instructional Package for twelve weeks

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-04 )

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As the intent of this guide is to help and inspire educators to organize their own effective teaching plan, the objective of the research, “Violin Teaching for Young Beginners in Myanmar” was to create an instructional package for young beginners in Myanmar. In order to accomplish the fundamentals of music such as pitch, tone, and rhythm at the beginning stage rather than teaching them in the private lesson together with the instrumental technique, the instructional package was integrated with general music teaching. The population was given the private violin lessons and general music group lessons with the researcher for 12 weeks. The population in this study was 28 students between six to twelve years old who had never studied playing violin before. After 12 weeks of instruction, the data from formative evaluations, summative evaluation and the students'' attitude evaluation forms were collected for statistical analysis. It was found that the violin instructional package had an efficiency of 95.83/97.5 which was higher than the expected efficiency of 80/80. In addition, the participants expressed a positive attitude towards the instructional package.

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