Standard Tension Force

Standard Tension Force

Tension forces in web-lashing for load securing created by a ratchet tensioner

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-01 )

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Transport is an inevitable part of today‘s life. Load carried on vehicles is exposed to dynamic forces which tend to change its position on a loading platform. This change can influence vehicle driving properties or cause a fall from a vehicle, thus endanger road traffic safety. To prevent this movement load securing equipment is necessary. Web lashings are the most frequently used lashing devices for load securing by lashing. Top over lashing presents the most commonly used lashing method in practice. Securing of load by top over lashing is influenced by pretension in lashing. Pretension is influenced by many parameters. Standard Tension Force measured in laboratory conditions for manufactured lashing devices with tensioner was defined as standard pretension. This work offers measurement results, theoretical background and parameters influencing pretension in lashing for commonly used 50 mm two-piece web lashing with ratchet tensioner. It should be especially useful for professionals such as lashing manufacturers, testing institutes and educational institutions or anyone else, who works with load securing.

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Juraj Jagelčák
Vladimír Rievaj

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