Geographic Axis and Cultural Diversity in Romania

Geographic Axis and Cultural Diversity in Romania

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-03-13 )

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Communities characterized by high cultural development are usually associated with increased satisfaction with living conditions and affluence. This book analyzes cultural tourism through the following components: religious tourism, heritage tourism, urban cultural tourism, and artistic tourism in Romania through the realization of the Geographical Axis. This paper assesses the development of the cultural axis by developing a cultural tourism indicator. By comparing the cultural tourism systems of the cultural tourism axis in county and region, a mathematical evaluation indicator and a chromatic system have been developed to indicate through a table the qualitative value of the cultural tourism objectives of the geographical axis, and the evaluation parameter of the cultural tourism axis is achieved. Each county is researched from a cultural tourism perspective by creating a geographical axis. Once the axis assessment is completed, the cultural tourist axis is given a label of qualitative tourist and architectural value. Through the structural analysis, the cultural axis supports the development of cultural products at the county and national levels.

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Alexandru-Marius Tătar

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Cultural history