Examination of the Existence, Enjoyment and Protection

Examination of the Existence, Enjoyment and Protection

of the Right to Freedom of Assembly in Uganda

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-11 )

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This book simply examines the enjoyment and protection of the right to freedom of assembly in Uganda vis-à-vis the role of police and security forces in protection of the right. It points out the arbitrary manner in which the police handle assemblies of a political, social, economic nature. It hints on the gross violations committed by the government in regard to the existence of the right to freedom of assembly. It further expounds on the contrast between the arbitrary mechanisms used against controversial or anti-government protests and the friendly, legitimate handling of pro-government policy protests. The contrast between the handling of political or campaign rallies of opposition politicians vis-à-vis the campaign rallies of the ruling party politicians by police and sister security agencies and the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the state during enforcement of the former. Lastly, it gives practical solutions to ensure a legitimate protection, enforcement and enjoyment of the right to freedom of assembly, an enhancement of constitutionalism, the rule of law and democratic governance in Uganda.

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Joel Jerry Walyono

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