Mediatization of the European Integration Process

Mediatization of the European Integration Process

Albanian Case

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-07 )

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Analysis of Albania’s European integration process encourages a new discussion in the mediatization theory. The impact on the social sphere is the result of mixed forces, which show patterns of mediatization depending on the way they interact. Four distinctive patterns of mediatization, related to European integration, are evidenced in the monitored media: 1. Political mediatization; 2. Performative mediatization; 3. Journal PR-ism; 4. Cyclic mediatization. When it comes to the mediatization of the EU integration process, the essence is not the politician, but the topic. If there is no topic, there is no active politician. This topic encourages media coverage, which comes as a necessity after the publication of the progress report, which is a public evaluation. The characterization of such a process as bureaucratic and administrative is a clear indication of the level of the bureaucratization of the media, which culminates with press conferences, official statements and meetings. This mediatization image helps the journalists and media come across as messengers of the statements, while, in the meantime, it reflects their PR-ism tendency.

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Blerina Gjerazi

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