Marketing Research. Concepts, methods and practical advices

Marketing Research. Concepts, methods and practical advices

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-11-01 )

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This book aims to bring together those concepts and basic notions in the field of market studies, with which any student of an economic profile or practitioner in a company must be familiar. Currently, the field of marketing research is complex, research methods can be applied to an extremely large number of economic phenomena that a company has to deal with. After a brief highlighting of the specific stages of the research, the book reviews the main methods and tools associated with each method (quantitative studies based on questionnaire, qualitative studies, observation or use of secondary sources). Also, the possibilities of analysis and interpretation of a quantitative study based on a questionnaire are presented in detail. Intended for undergraduate, master’s or doctoral level students, the book includes a number of examples as well as questions, reflection topics and exercises designed to enable them to apply the knowledge presented. Due to its synthetic and applied nature, the book can also be useful to practitioners who want to know more about how to organize and implement a market study, analyze its results and present it in the form of a report to management.

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Laura Marcu

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