Surrogate Motherhood in contemporary India

Surrogate Motherhood in contemporary India

A study of Mumbai City

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-09-29 )

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The present book is an outcome of an in-depth qualitative and descriptive study. It aims at portraying the characteristics of surrogates, their socio-economic conditions and the motivations for taking it up. It makes an attempt to look at the number of issues associated with surrogacy in India in general and in Mumbai in specific and contextualizing it with the other parts of the world. It analyzes the motives and risks involved in the process of surrogacy by critically highlighting the politics of reproduction involved at various steps of surrogacy leading to exploitation of women’s reproductive labor which resort for exploitation of poor and vulnerable women of the developing world in the hands of economically and intellectually privileged sections. Accounting for various stake holders of surrogacy it focuses on unequal distribution of power. An effort has been carried to broaden the scope of study ahead of single-time-period to carry on over to longitudinal study based on the rapport developed with the surrogates. It tries to critically evaluate the regulatory mechanisms and suggesting policy measures to deal with it.

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Mariyah Gour Ghori

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