The suspicious existence

The suspicious existence

Another look to time in Quantum mechanics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-17 )

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Time always has been involving our mind and it caused some questions which has gotten engaged our mind. For instance: What is time? How does an electron take to tunnel? Does it change when we are on a manifold? What are the influences of gravity on it? With regard to uncertainty of energy time, Is there any operator of time? How does it work? And generally, the concept of time is extremely suspicious, is it like a container of events? Or a label? Is it external or internal? What is the philosophy of time? How come did scientists and philosophers started to think about it? Since when have they been thought about it? What did they keep in their mind? Why did they consider time as an external object for thing and event? This suspicion aroused our curiosity and encouraged us to know more. With respect to it, we intended to study and search more to look forward in our carrier of gaining our answer by dedication.In this way we found two perfect articles that includes what we know and we used them.

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Zahra Karami Alamouti
Haniyeh Sadat Tadayyoni
Fatemeh Abedi

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Theoretical physics