5G and NFC Technologies versus New Economics and New Finance

5G and NFC Technologies versus New Economics and New Finance

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-10-08 )

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The digital economy and artificial intelligence are developing rapidly, and we are enjoying more new products, services and business models. New technologies drive new economic forms. The current new economy refers to the wisdom economic form in which innovative knowledge dominates in knowledge and creative industry becomes the leading industry. The rise of new financial new forces on the internet has become another proof of technology changing finance and finance changing life. 5G and finance are deeply integrated, both the connotation and extension of finance, the function of finance, and the relationship between finance and the economy have undergone profound changes. It is expected that new technologies can reshape the financial industry, change human life, and promote better and faster development of social economy and financial industry. This book takes a variety of new technologies as a starting point and details the changes that the emergence and application of these technologies have brought to the economy and society as well as to the financial system.

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Xun Liang
Guatao Yang
Yuefeng Ma Binqing Cai

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