Pool Fire and Engine Pool Combustion

Pool Fire and Engine Pool Combustion

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-09-09 )

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Pool fire is a kind of combustion flame formed on a liquid fuel pool. Large scale pool fire of fuel storage tank is a well-known disaster, and its flame characteristics such as flame scale, flame radiation and soot emission were investigated in the field of fire safety. Natural convection by flame buoyancy, scaling effect on fire size, and burning rate of fuel were investigated. On the other hand, pool flame has many scientific interests like a “Candle Flame”. Liquid fuel vaporization and decomposition inside the flame, laminar and turbulent flame sheet of the pool flame, formation and emission of soot, and flame radiation give us the typical scientific interests as fundamental research items of combustion science. Here, pool combustion researches related large/medium scale pool fire and pool flame of small scale are summarized to show the new trend of pool combustion study. In the last part of this article, pool combustions in internal combustion engine are summarized to obtain a new reduction method for PM emission. To understand the pool fire in an engine, fundamental difference between environmental pool fire and pool fire in the engine “Engine Pool Combustion” is clarified.

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Masataka Arai

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology